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Laurence Dube-Rushby

Art Consultant

French Artist

Urban and Rural Community Investigator-

Professional Agitator

Negotiator of Disruption-

Facilitator of Change

Advocate for the Transformative Power of Art.


Laurence Dube-Rushby's work invites to explore cultural, personal, and local identities, investigating the potential for disruption to generate social agency in current educational, social, political and cultural contexts.


Her process has evolved from craft, textile and painting to mix-media installations and performance that rely on public participation to come to shape. The outcome combines aesthetic and engagement processes to reflect an embodied social construction of knowledge.

"I have worked as a freelance artist and consultant, in education and community settings for 26 years, with a focus on developing  opportunities  for young people to engage in the Arts. I am a strong advocate for the Arts as a powerful learning tool. My dedication has lead me to develop a PHD research study in Creative Pedagogies, for which I was awarded a studentship with Arts University Bournemouth and University of the Arts London. The research investigates the potential pedagogical role and place of live art in the current context of secondary education."

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