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Where the body becomes a site of resistance between

Warm sunlight, brutal concrete, flowing water and passing life.


Water Inside, Outside,

My skin recording change as it happens,

A breathing membrane forms around the body,


Making sense,

Sensing meaning

A fluid connection.

Performance; Against the grain, with the flow?

Date; 5.12.19

Artist; Laurence Dube- Rushby


Through her interaction with materials, Laurence explores her connection with institutions both artistic and educational.

Are we, artists, In or Out of education?

Despite initial resistance to entering the education system, Laurence questions whether her radical PhD research study in ‘live art as an alternative pedagogical tool in secondary education may have moved her to self-educate as a teacher [with a ‘Beuysian’ perspective].


She asks; what is the space for artistic endeavour and freedom within the curriculum?

How do dissent and resistance become a medium for learning?

Is there still space for making a mark in an increasingly capitalist neoliberal education system?

Can we work against the grain within the flow of education to create a change-making practice?

What impact am I making in education as an artist? As an artist/educator? As a teacher bringing the radical into the mainstream?

What does the flow look like? What does the grain entail?

How much should we give up in order to gain?

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